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ClearOS Framework

ClearOS's Webconfig is comprised of components written in a number of languages:

  • PHP
  • JavaScript/JQuery
  • C++
  • Bash scripts
  • Python
  • Lua

to name a few. Don't don't need to be a master of all in order to develop on ClearOS.

The main engine behind Webconfig is PHP. ClearOS uses the CodeIgniter PHP framework to make life easier. If you're inclined to support existing apps or build new ones, you'll want to familiarize yourself with CodeIgniter and go through some of the docs before jumping into ClearOS. Among other things, CodeIgniter provides the MVC design principles to make efficient use of code and allows separate of login and UI presentation.

Framework Location and Version

The CodeIgniter framework can be found in:


ClearOS currently uses CI v3.1.4.